Should My Law Firm Use Social Media To Advertise?

If your law firm maintains business profiles on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram — then you might want to consider using them to advertise. Each of these platforms is relatively cheap. Heck, on Instagram you can actually make money depending on how much of a following you have. If it were only that easy for everyone! Whether or not your law firm should advertise probably depends on where you are in the process.

If you have a smaller law firm just starting out, then you may choose to hold off. Smaller law firms typically benefit more from advertising in places where people are actually searching for legal help. That means trying to ensure you’ve built an outstanding and informative website with easily digested advice and instructions. It also means trying to ensure your perfect website reaches as high in Google rankings as it possibly can, because you want more people to see it more often.

Smaller firms will also want to promote the networking skills of their staff. Word of mouth will increase the size of your firm more than anything else.

Bigger firms can move on to advertise in other places — like social media. It’s relatively cheap to do so, and easy. On top of that, you can choose exactly which demographics you would like to target with each ad campaign, making it easier for you to convert clicks to clients.

Before starting an ad campaign, decide on a set of goals. What are you hoping to achieve? Do you want to increase traffic to your website? Do you want more people to recognize your law firm’s brand or logo? Are you trying to better your reputation? This will all help determine how you define a target audience.

Before starting a social media ad campaign, you’ll want to ensure that you have content for potential clients to consume when they make it to your page. How will you compel clickers to consume the information you want them to consume? Videos and podcasts work wonders if you find the right person to present them. How you present the information also depends partly on your audience. If your demographic is senior citizens, then they’re not very likely to sit down to listen to the podcast!

Last but not least, after you’ve started an ad campaign you can track various metrics. If something isn’t working, you can often change it mid-campaign. But try to adjust each campaign to be a little bit better than the last one and you’ll have new clients rolling through your doors in no time at all.