How To Use Social Media Effectively

We answer this question all the time — but not generally. We try to be more focused when discerning the many uses of social media, because law firms approaching our managers usually have a decent idea of what they might need or want. But even big firms or other businesses might be running under a few misconceptions about what is or isn’t possible using social media to communicate with customers and clients.

So we’ll start there.

Social media is all about communication. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are obviously the most popular tools for businesses to use. They often forget about other platforms like WordPress or other journal and blogging sites. How do we use these tools to communicate? We do it using information, often in the form of photos and video. These are the best ways to capture attention. Businesses can even use podcasts, which are taking off in a big way.

Social media can also be used as a way to showcase an opinion or testimony. A law firm’s website might provide cold, hard information and a handful of testimonies from happy clients, but social media is a better choice for businesses who would like to garner interest by relying on emotion over facts. You do that by selling stories and opinions instead of a product. 

Social media is also a great way to showcase or monitor a business’s brand. New businesses don’t always have an obvious path to success. Social media is a great way to try out new tactics. Not sure what kind of message you want your law firm to send? Try building a number of platforms on different social media websites and see which one works the best. When you have a good idea of where you want to go, you can nix the ones that didn’t work out and pivot toward the one that did.

Social media can help lawyers build relationships in non-traditional ways. It’s not always about the law firm, but the people who work in it. How do they interact with potential clients? Use social media to entertain the demographics of people whose business you would like the most. Did one of your associate’s adopt a puppy? It might seem silly, but…everyone loves puppies. Post an adorable video of the associate bringing that puppy home to his or her kids, and you’ve put your law firm in a more human light by relying on emotion. 

Social media is also a great place to advertise. You don’t always have to do this directly on your business’s page. Use the landing page to interact with the clients you already have. Use paid advertisements to bring new clients to that landing page!