How To Approach Clients To Schedule New Meetings After Coronavirus Restrictions

Cases might be on the rise, but coronavirus restrictions are being lifted all around the country. That means clients will want to see your face again. Social media can be the perfect way to approach clients new and old in order to schedule those first face-to-face meetings in a long time. But some will need assurances that your law firm is being careful — and that means you need to actually be careful.

How do you coronavirus-proof your legal offices?

First and foremost, everyone working in the office should be wearing a mask at all times. These won’t prevent you from getting sick, but they can greatly reduce the opportunity for you to get someone else sick if you’re already infected but don’t know it.

Second, anyone who can work from home should be asked to do so. Enclosed spaces with lots of people provide the perfect incubator for this virus, so you want to make sure there are fewer people in that space.

Third, place plastic shielding between desks and make sure that everyone has easy access to hand sanitizer. Make sure surfaces are cleaned several times throughout the day, and sanitize the entire office overnight.

Before clients come to the office, let them know that you have a “no shirt, no shoes, no mask, no service” policy. Sounds fair, right? You don’t want them getting you sick, either. Ask them to visit the hand sanitizer station before entering the building. Post signs about preventing the spread of germs, because many people will need that extra reminder to keep their hands away from their face.

Speaking of clients, make sure to only meet with those who absolutely require the face-to-face to conduct business. If electronic signatures and ten minutes on the phone are enough for some clients, then you don’t need to bring them into the office and expose everyone to greater risk. It’s not worth it.